The Ahuja Lab


Our team has led and delivered large-scale software showcasing Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology at The Ahuja Lab. Join Us →
deepGraphh (2022) deepGraphh is an open-source web service that features a conglomerate of powerful graph-based neural networks methods, with highly configurable parameters support via the graphical user interface (GUI). Open In New Tab
deepGraphh (2022)
EcTracker (2021) Tracking and elucidating ectopic expression leveraging large-scale scRNA-seq studies Open In New Tab
EcTracker (2021)
OdoriFy (2021) A comprehensive AI-driven web-based solution for Human Olfaction Open In New Tab
OdoriFy (2021)
Machine-Olf-Action (2021) A unified framework for developing and interpreting machine-learning models for chemosensory research Open In New Tab
Machine-Olf-Action (2021)
Design and Developed by Rishi Raj Jain